BAT Plastic-free trails

Bangalore AdvenTuRers strictly follows “Do Not Litter” Mantra and our AdvenTuRers know of the “4Rs” which makes them eco-friendly “responsible trekkers”. We educate our female members on moving to sustainable menstruation choices to avoid plastic that can not be reused or recycled. 4Rs: 1R : “Refuse” – Refuse single use, unnecessary plastic like straw, plastic plates, plastic spoons and one time bottles. 2R : “Reduce” – Reduce the use of plastic. Chose products with paper or cloth packing. 3R : “Reuse” – Reuse the plastic. Take pet bottles, reusable water bottles, reusable boxes and avoid one time parcel containers. 4R : “Recycle” – Trash the recyclable plastic in right places to be recycled. We are doing our shares to work towards a sustainable and debris-free earth. Inspire others and together we all can change the world. We are privileged to have very co-operative participants and trek leads (BAT family members) supporting us in this cause, as we do trail clean up in every trek. Here are some of the pictures from our treks. #MainBhiChowkidar