Who are we and what we do??

“Bangalore AdvenTuRers-BAT” is a socio-responsible organization which conducts treks, trekniks, adventure outdoor events. BATians are extremely passionate about nature, adventures & traveling. We are go getters who are not only passionate about the regular 9 to 6 job but also in spending the weekends with the same amount of vigor and enthusiasm.

We Organize events like Trekking,Cycling,Biking,Photography,Bird Watching,Picnics,Trips,Water sports-Scuba diving, Snorkeling,Social activities-Blood donation, helping orphanage, village schools and many more.  

BAT motive is to unite all the like minded people and drive the passion towards Mother Nature by keeping your safety and nature in mind. Our main intention is to explore nature but not to harm or disturb it.  

BAT provides an adventurous platform and encourages everyone to involve in all the activities that we undertake. We know many of you want to be adventurous in life but are confused about how to take the first step, joining us will make sure that you overcome your fear and confusion by enjoying every bit of the adventurous journey.

  Who can Join??  

Anyone who is interested in nature, adventure & traveling. Who wants to explore nature at its best.